Dr. Patty Livingston named Officer of the Order of Canada

Patty LivingstonPatty was the lead for CASIEF’s flagship Rwanda partnership for many years, and was the driving force behind the success of the residency program. With her tireless dedication to education, dozens of well trained anesthesiologists are now saving lives and alleviating suffering in Rwanda

There is a full write-up available here.

“For her contributions to global health and anesthesia safety, and for her commitment to improving medical education in underserved communities around the world.” — Governor General of Canada

CASIEF appoints new Chair, Dr. Joel Parlow

CASIEF is pleased to announce that Dr. Joel Parlow has been appointed as Chair, CASIEF for a three-year period. This appointment concludes Dr. Dylan Bould’s term as Chair, however, he will continue to work with us through his appointment of past-Chair, CASIEF, and will serve for an additional three-year term.

CASIEF and the Board of Trustees wish to thank Dr. Dylan Bould for serving as Chair, and for his dedication and significant contributions to CASIEF, our partner institutions, and the landscape of global health and safe anesthesia.

Pulse Oximeters and the COVID19 Pandemic

Oxygen saturation has become an indispensable tool to ensure safety in operating rooms and to triage patients.  In the COVID19 pandemic, pulse oximeters have become especially relevant in helping doctors stratify which patients have dangerously low levels of oxygen. It is the standard to determine if patients need oxygen supplementation and when more serious interventions, like intubation and ventilation, is needed.

Around the world, tens of thousands of operating rooms are missing this life saving device. Limited access in low-resource healthcare systems put millions of lives at risk. Lifebox® is a is working to change this reality by increasing access to pulse oximetry.

You can read more about the invention, adoption, and innovation in pulse oximetry here:


Betty Zhang (medical student, McMaster)


COVID-19 in Africa

Dr. Sonia Akrimi

Director- Zambia Anaesthesia Development Program
Trustee- Global Anaesthesia Development Project

If a peak in cases like we have seen in North America and Europe occur, the impact of COVID-19 in Africa is likely to be devastating.  In addition to worries about a surge in critically unwell patients, deaths and morbidity directly resulting from a reduction in essential services will increase.

In response to this, CASIEF are working with the Global Anaesthesia Development Project to support anaesthesia providers in low and middle-income countries in their response to COVID-19, aiming to reduce the negative impact on progress made in the development of perioperative capacity and safety in past years.

A critical part of this work is keeping anaesthesia providers safe through appropriate PPE.  By supporting the work of the Global Anaesthesia Development Project, CASIEF have been able to support a significant increase in PPE provision for anaesthesia providers in Ethiopia, including sourcing 1,000 N95 masks.  We are working with GADP to source more masks and to work with local traders to make use of innovative solutions for PPE, for example locally produced face shields and other filtering face masks.

We are aiming to make sure that our anaesthesia provider partners feel confident they can care for patients with the correct protective equipment in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, with so many anaesthesia providers in need of our support, there remains a long way to go.

You can help by supporting the Global Anaesthesia Development Project’s fundraising campaign in which funds are being raised for anaesthesia providers in both of GADP’s partner countries, Ethiopia and Zambia.


This money will go directly towards sourcing more N95 masks and increasing local production of masks, face shields and surgical gowns in both countries.

For further information about the GADP response to COVID-19, please see https://gadppartnerships.com/ or email Sonia Akrimi (sakrimi@doctors.org.uk).




Anesthesiologist needed in Eldoret, Kenya

The University of Alberta Division of Otolaryngology and Office of Global Surgery are seeking the assistance of an Anesthesiologist to join in a surgical partnership with Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) in Eldoret, Kenya. This would involve administering a one-day advanced Airway course, as well as involvement in some of the rest of a 10 day series of workshops.

The full letter describing the opportunity is available here:  AnesthesiologistForMTRH_Oct2019.