Shalini’s Guyana Blog – Guyana Day 3

We arrived on Monday, uneventfully. I was surprised that my ultrasound machine did not create any problems! Our pickup was there, waiting patiently for us.

We are staying at a place called “Project Dawn”. It is a fascinating place that was the brainchild of a nun Dr Cameron Gannon who started it as a medical centre in 2002. It is not a medical centre anymore but houses almost all of the medical/educational teams that come to Guyana for voluntary work. There is a common kitchen, the place is airconditioned and is guarded 24/7.

We were picked up by the hospital van on Tuesday and spent a very eventful day at the GPH (Georgetown public hospital). We met consultants Drs Fernando, Shankar, Acosta and Feng (?Du). There were many residents at various levels of training and I am sure I will remember their names as the weeks go by. There are 5 operating rooms for ortho, general surgery, ophthalmology, ENT, urology, gyne and some thoracic work. Cardiac teams visit off and on and do cardiac surgery as well. They tell me that there is a fair bit of trauma. The residents are all very keen to learn! Most drugs are available. Today we did a laparotomy for perforated viscus and Beth was thrilled to use halothane. Though everyone here wants to use propofol, I think I will use thiopentone on Thursday for Beth’s benefit! We are also preparing for our first teaching session tomorrow.

Like most operating rooms world over, there are no lunch breaks. An ex-nurse delivers food for a small price and many doctors buy from her. I think Beth and I will do the same. The meal is about CAD 2. Today we tried a typical Guyanese lunch of chicken wrapped in ‘roti’ that she had brought over.

Today (Wednesday) is a national holiday here so we are staying in. We went for a long walk with our bottle of water and an umbrella. The sidewalks are full of lotus and lily plants, all in full bloom. Did I mention that it rains every day?

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