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To collaborate with partners to build capacity for safe, sustainable anesthesia and perioperative care globally through education, knowledge translation, and advocacy

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Safe Anesthesia & Surgery Saves Lives

Five billion people lack access to safe surgical care. Surgical disease kills more people annually than HIV, TB, and malaria combined. Unfortunately, surgical capacity is least where it is needed most. Surgical care in low resource settings is cost effective and an indispensable, indivisible part of basic health care. Our philosophy is to work with anesthesia providers in low and middle-income countries (LMIC) to develop self-sustaining programs appropriate to their own needs. Consultations and collaboration with ministries of health, anesthesia providers, anesthesia societies, and local training institutions are key to building successful partnerships.

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The Society of Anaesthetists of Zambia – 5th International Conference (July 17, 2018) - The Society of Anaesthetists of Zambia 5th International Conference "Paediatric Anaesthesia and Critical Care" Nov 1 and 2, 2018 in Lusaka, Zambia Pre-conference workshops will be held October 31, 2018 For more information email  
We would like to once again congratulate Gaston on the IASP award. Please read the linked forum. (July 5, 2018) -
Chris Charles wins the 2018 CMA Award for Young Leaders (Resident) (May 25, 2018) - CASIEF Resident Board Member Chris Charles has won the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Award for Young Leaders (Resident) for 2018. It will be given at a ceremony at the CMA’s first Health Summit in August in Winnipeg.
New Landmark Publication (May 9, 2018) - World Health Organization - World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WHO-WFSA) International Standards for a Safe Practice of Anesthesia. Full text available from SpringerLink < >.

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