Rwanda suffered a devastating genocide in 1994, after which there was only one anesthesiologist in the country for years. Despite a remarkable countrywide regeneration, Rwanda had only a few physician anesthesiologists by 2005. CASIEF was invited to assist with anesthesia resident training at the University of Rwanda. The educational partnership began in 2006.

Together we worked to design a residency curriculum that includes foundations and core academic teaching through didactic lectures, simulation education, and operating room clinical teaching. The University of Rwanda Postgraduate Anesthesia Program now has the capacity to train up to 40 trainees across 4 years. In 2021, the program graduated 10 physician anesthesiologists bring the total number in the country up to 40, serving a population of nearly 13 million people.


As the number of anesthesiologists in Rwanda continues to improve, the focus has now shifted to supporting the local staff to continue the residency program and foster further service development. The partnership now seeks to strengthen local teaching skills, through pedagogical courses and mentorship. We are supporting early career University of Rwanda staff in some key subspecialty areas: paediatrics, obstetrics, regional/pain, critical care, and collaborative research.

CASIEF has supported anesthesia in Rwanda through:

Listen to Dr. Jeanne’s story of her collaboration with CASIEF to rebuild the profession of anesthesia in Rwanda, enabling safe surgery to take place and saving thousands of lives!

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